Healed accident pain

After I was in a car accident, a friend recommended that I see Dr. Pighetti. The pain in my back was unbearable. After seeing Dr. Pighetti for a week, I began to feel better. I’ve been going for almost three months now, and it has made such a huge difference in my health. Not only does my back feel better, but since I’ve been going, I haven’t had a single headache. I’ve had severe headaches since childhood, and I never realized that seeing a chiropractor would help.

I’ve been telling friends and family about how remarkable Dr. Pighetti is. Now my mother, sister and three friends of the family are patients as well.

I can’t thank him enough for helping me to get healthy again.

Tiffany Bentancourt

Happy and healthy!

In my almost 80 years on this earth, I have twice been involved with a chiropractor. The first encounter was with a person who did little to nothing for me in a five-year span.

I was able to be on my own for the next 20-25 years, doing what I could do to stay healthy. My back was beginning to get older and older. At this moment in time, I heard about a chiropractor in Westfield, MA. I live in Springfield, MA.

I made a call and my first visit was in September 2006. I found my Dr. Kevin Pighetti to be a nice, educated, soft-spoken, interesting, sports-minded, concerned young man, who really knows his business. Six months of care has turned me from a long-suffering person with physical problems into a happy, healthy man, who has found the “Youth of Life,” Dr. Pighetti! God Bless him!!

Bennett Russell

Thank you

Dear Dr. Kevin,

I just wanted to write and tell you and your whole office staff how much I enjoyed visiting your office and meeting your very professional staff. The care I received was excellent, far above that of other chiropractors in the area. I’ve been to over 20 different chiropractors in over 30 years, so I do speak from experience, and your professionalism and care are top notch.

Thank you

Bill D.

Correct diagnosis

I had suffered many years with back, groin and neck pain. As the pain increased and my mobility decreased, I went to several physicians and had x-rays and CT scans. There was never any real follow-up. I finally went to Dr. Pighetti, and he started treatment along with reviewing my x-rays and CT scan. He referred me to an orthopedist and suggested that more than likely, I needed a hip replacement. The orthopedist stated I was fortunate to have Dr. Pighetti take such an interest and to make a correct diagnosis. I am continuing with Dr. Pighetti, and he manipulates my neck, which has decreased the pain and discomfort from 10 to 4.


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